Our Vision

To position the State to become the development capital of Nigeria and radically transform the standard of living of our people, by adopting and adapting the templates of Global practices, for the actualization of the sustainable development goals.

Our Mission

  • To establish the internationally prescribed infrastructure for effectuating the development of the Bayelsa State and create a society built on modern values of socio-economic well-being, growth and progress.

  • To implement the Yenagoa Master Plan.

  • To create the enabling environment for local entrepreneurial and technological initiative and talent to thrive.

  • Capacity development to utilize local opportunities for socio-economic development.

Vote For:

Quality Education

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.

Good Roads

Good roads make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits. This is why DNA is poised to provide quick, easy and safe access to employment, social, health and educational services for all Bayelsans.


In his drive to encourage every entrepreneur in Bayelsa State, DNA is determined to address and resolve the issue of inadequate electricity supply in the State because of its enormous benefits to the citizens and the nation at large.

Healthcare Services

It is said often that health is wealth. Hence, the importance of access to comprehensive and quality healthcare services cannot be over-emphasized.

Job Creation

Good jobs can change a person's life, but the right jobs can transform entire societies. Creating more and better quality jobs is key to boosting growth, reducing poverty and increasing social cohesion.