Bayelsa is about to experience a new dawn with the rise of DNA.  Bayelsans are on a course for greatness with Nimibofa Ayawei who is set for effective governance, accessibility and transparency.  Dr. Nimibofa Ayawei is a people-driven man whose wealth of experiences and admirable traits impact positively on the lives of everyone who come in contact with him.

The priorities of Nimibofa Ayawei has always been people and their well-being. That is why he invests in goal-oriented projects that benefit and massively uplift people around him. His vision is anchored on rebuilding and projecting Bayelsa State for greatness.

DNA is a true statesman with quality leadership traits. As a man of integrity, honesty and vision, Dr. Nimibofa Ayawei is the governor Bayelsans need come November 16th, 2019.

As a dependable and visionary leader, he is certain to build a consensus around his vision and effect policy changes in line with the well-being of the people. DNA is also poised to introduce new strategies that will make Bayelsa State a safe haven for both foreign and local investments.

Dr. Nimibofa Ayawei can be trusted to serve the people with humility and kindness and by extension, earn their support for policies and programs that are aimed at improving their well-being.

Under his governance as a true statesman whose bedrock of principles rests on the ideals of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) which include democratic liberty, equality under the law and individual freedom, his vision of further expanding these principles has remained his political values.

Dr. Ayawei as an erudite scholar and an Analytical/Environmental Chemist will use his wealth of experience, talents, skills, honesty, integrity, challenges and constraints with the positive effect that has in touching human lives, so also he will always show respect to the views and experiences of others as nobody has a monopoly of wisdom.

Therefore, if given the opportunity to serve the people of Bayelsa, we are convinced that he will make it his priority to develop and make lives better for the people in their various Units, Wards, Constituencies, Local Government Areas and the State in general.

With DNA, Bayelsa State will continue to be great!!!